Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"After Fifty Phonics" is up...Plus, another Freebie

Yay!  We have completed our supplementary worksheet packets all the way to Lesson 50 for the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" reading program.  I may be just a tad pleased with myself about this.  Here is the brand new packet, all ready to go in my store:

And to celebrate this feat, I have also uploaded a new FREEBIE worksheet, especially for those of you who are enjoying these packets.  I felt that we really needed a worksheet that was blank for a writing prompt for our kiddos.  Because as we move through the program, our kids are getting a lot of writing experience, but around lesson 50, they are more than ready to begin writing their own short stories. 

I just thought it might be nice to have a "writing prompt" type of sheet all ready to print out, with our friendly Glimmercat encouraging them on at the top of the page. 

There's even room at the bottom for the kids to illustrate their story, just like the pages on our "Storytime" worksheets or the short stories in the book. 

You can download this fun printout here at my store for FREE:


  1. My son was at lesson 64 and was having difficulty. We decided to go back (today he and dad did lesson 39) and repeat some lessons to help him have more fluency even if he could slowly sound out all the words at his lesson it was painstacking listening to it. We are grateful for your packets. Please continue making them.

    1. I'm so glad to hear this! Thanks for the encouraging note. You know, there were a couple of spots in the lessons where I went back and repeated with my son, too. I'm actually curious to discover if the packets make that unnecessary for my daughter who is just starting. They definitely seem to help. Thanks again for the great comment.