Thursday, November 19, 2015

G is for Gorilla

Little Miss enjoyed those Gorillas in the video SO much yesterday that I decided to create a brand new craft that isn't even in our letter G packet. This one's a freebie.  I'll upload it to my store so you can download it full size.  Here's the link:

Now, we began our day by watching this cute little story called, "Goodnight, Gorilla":

This one was so fun my five year old asked if we could watch it twice.  So we did!

Next, Little Miss and her brother played the Matching Game.  We tried it out using all the pieces we have, from letters E, F and now G.  And, it was too big a game for my little girl, too overwhelming, too hard to remember where things were.  I think we'll back off to two letters at a time.  It's so much more important to keep it fun.  Also, I think she was very excited about doing her Gorilla Craft.

Now, I intended for Little Miss to cut out the pieces, but for the life of me, I could not find her scissors!  So, I cut them out myself with the big scissors.

She wielded the glue-stick and in short order, our Gorilla came together.  Okay, the only other added material for this craft besides scissors and glue are brads.  And I didn't have any!  But I thought it would be so neat if the gorilla's arms could swing.  So, we improvised...

I took a little piece of kneaded eraser (play-dough would probably work, too) and made a ball that went behind the gorilla's back.  Then, Little Miss poked a thumbtack through the black circle where the brad was intended to go and into that little ball.  Worked perfect!

The arms move, and she asked that I cut out the little gorilla, too, so that she could have a Mommy Gorilla and a Baby Gorilla.

She really loves her Gorillas.  We had to set them aside so that she could practice her G's...

"Start on the dot, go around, up and down for the hook..."

And then we went right back to dramatic play with our Gorillas.  And Mommy drew a background for the Gorillas to play in.

Remember, this Gorilla craft is a freebie available here:

Check out how we introduced the Letter G on Day 1 here:

And for all our other Letter G activities and crafts, check out our full packet here:

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