Tuesday, September 29, 2015

D is for Doughnuts and Dancing

The Letter D was delightful!  All the activities mentioned in this post can be found at my Teacher Store here: .

All except the doughnuts and the'll have to make up those yourselves.

Day 1:  D is for Doughnuts!

Little Miss was raring to go on the letter D after the nice long weekend.  So I printed out the D introduction page with Glimmercat playing a drum in the daisies, and the Matching Game.

 She cut out her Matching Game squares and went to town.  She and Grandma played one game and then she was ready to color her D picture.  We talked about how Glimmercat found a drum and the drum went D-d-d-d.

Then I tried to have her pick out the daisies (which, incidentally, are harder to see in the black and white image).

Then, Mommy began making doughnuts in the background.

Now, I am no gourmet.  But I do like recipes that are relatively easy and tasty.  And on the healthier side.  I modify this gal's Whole Wheat Doughnuts, which you can find on the Simply Lulu Life blog:

I stick pretty close to her recipe, but I modified the glaze this time:  We used 2 T pureed pumpkin, 1/2 c powdered sugar and 2 tsp cornstarch in a kettle that we heated almost to boiling  until it thickened to the right consistency. 

It's a rather thick dough.   Little Miss helped roll it out.

I do not have a special doughnut cutter.  We used a plastic cup for the outer doughnut circle and an oil lid for the inner circle.  Worked just fine.

Then, I put about an inch of coconut oil (Definitely use coconut oil--the taste improvement on these doughnuts is amazing) in a frying pan and heated it to medium high heat. 

 Little Miss is watching far away from the hot oil. If you let your child watch, remind them that oil is hot, hot, HOT! and they must not touch the pan or the oil.  Then, push them even further away and keep an eagle eye on those small hands.

When they are cool enough, glaze and all, enjoy these for a yummy snack.  Mmmmm, the taste of fall!

DAY 2:  D is for Dinosaur!

Today was an odd sort of day in that I had to take my son to a MAPs testing at his Charter School and so Little Miss was going to hang out with Grandma.  Well, that's the nice thing about having so many things to choose from in our Letter D letter of the week packet.  I put on the computer to see what they could work on together.  (I tried to keep it easy for both of them).

First, Little Miss did her Path of Motion practice sheet.  She's getting really good at starting on the gray circle with D.

Then she did her dinosaur puzzle.  Grandma said this was a challenging one.  It is the first time Little Miss has done a puzzle with six pieces, so I can understand that.  She did really good, though.  She even colored the dinosaur BEFORE she put the puzzle together.  Extra points!

A really fun story to read on Dinosaur day is:

The pictures in this book are incredible besides being just a fun picture book to read.  It's one of our family favorites.

Day 3 - D is for Dogs

I decided to begin the day with one of our favorite picture books:   Go, Dog, Go!

I read the book, and then my two kids both worked on one of the "Go, Dog, Go!" Reading Literacy activities.

Little Miss did the Stoplight activity with Q-tips and paint...

And since his Charter School Kindergarten teacher has asked us to work with sentence writing on his days at home with us, her brother wrote over the Building Sentences page.

He also added color to his stoplight, just for fun.

We also did the Dog craft from the Letter D packet, here: 

And I helped her with the Doggy Dot-to Dot.  

Day 4 - D is for Duck

Okay.  I handed this page to Little Miss and she was so excited to color this morning, that she just zoomed off to the table, and before I know what was happening, almost all the little images had been doused in her favorite color (pink).

Well, not to worry:  we went over the images together and chatted about which ones started with D.  She crossed out the pictures that didn't...and a little later, we circled the ones that did.

 Little Miss and I did the Maze together, and a good thing, too.  Because this was a hard maze.  Heck, I made the maze and I still let her astray twice.  For children who are not immediately adept at Mazes, it's best to do it together.  More fun that way, anyway.

Then, we moved on to the Duck Craft.  This little craft is also harder than it appears.  There is so much hand coordination required in making a loop out of paper.  I cut out the trickier pieces (the feet base and the beak.  I also folded the beak for her.) Then, I helped with the loop creation, but...

 ... she was in charge of the gluing.

She was very pleased with her little ducky when it was all put together.

Here she is marching it across her Maze and making little quacking sounds as she goes.  In fact, she had so much fun, that we decided to read a Duck book.  If I had "Make Way for Ducklings", it would have been a great read.

But I did have "What's the Weather?" , an interactive book with flaps and wheels by Scholastic.

So, we read that and she pointed out the little ducks in the illustrations all the way through.

Teaching Tip:  Whenever you are covering a new animal or topic, if possible, follow it up with a story that relates.  "But children's books are expensive!" you protest.  Yes, but my kids go back to their books time after time and look through the pictures and study the words and letters.  It's worth it.  Besides, we pick up almost all of ours in large packs from our thrift store.  So, I might get 10 books in a pack (in great shape) for $4.00, and no one can argue with that price!

Day 5:  D is for Dancing

We began our day with the color matching page.  Matching the big letters to the little letters is tricky, (especially with little b and little d in the mix now), but I love the chance to do this review with Little Miss.

It's definitely not something I'd expect her to do all by herself.  But she did find the two little c's all by herself and colored them in to make the sun.

Then, we played another matching game...

She can even see the black and white pictures through this thin paper.  I'm totally going to have to get some thicker stuff!!!

And then we danced...

Because D is for Dancing.  Whenever you can incorporate movement into your preschooler's learning, the better that learning will likely hit home. 

We even watched a few YouTube videos together of Fred Estair doing a tap dancing with drums solo and a seven year old child prodigy tap-dancing on the Ellen Degeneres show.

But really, all these little kiddos want to do is move to music and have fun.  So that's what we did.  We had a blast.

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