Friday, September 4, 2015

B is for Butterfly Craft Freebie!

I saw this adorable idea at Crafty Morning:  .They used Chalk Markers, and also used pasta for the grass, which is very fun.  I thought it might be nice to create a background for those who find butterfly antennae and flying plans a little tricky (I know you're out there!) and just to add some fun to the page.  My girls love flowers.  So, we added zinnias.

I'd say, let your little ones use some Q-tips for painting, if you don't have the Chalk Markers that Crafty Morning recommends.

Make sure you have paper protecting your surface because the little pasta pieces are messy and even careful preschoolers will have a bit of trouble keeping the paint just on the pasta.

We used five different colors of paint, but if you just have one or two, that still will work great.
Give them a little time to dry and print out and cut out the background for your child.

We used Tacky Glue because it's our favorite for crafts like this.  I put the glue on the paper where the wings should go and she placed them...Oh, so carefully!

It's a good opportunity to practice counting, too, since my girl is very good at counting up to five.

Five Little Butterflies!  Yay!

B is for Butterflies!!!  Download the free background here:

If you'd like more B crafts for preschool or kindergarten, check out our Letter of the Week Packet for B that is available here:

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