Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lego Birthday Party

Lego Birthday Party Ideas!

Draw little Lego faces on yellow square napkins.

Create a big number to show how old your Lego Lover is turning!  And use Legos to build containers for forks, spoons, or...

...whatever other yummy treats you plan on handing out to the kiddos who arrive.

Make sure you add a few Lego men here and there.

Make Lego sandwiches or have Lego Watermelon Bricks.

One other fun idea that I have seen all over Pinterest (and many of them look nicer than my own do), are these little Lego heads made from large marshmallows, covered with candy and decorated with Lego faces.

And of course, a Lego Cake.  This one was easier than it looks.  I made it myself using Fondarific Fondant and frosting for details.  I also used a Lego mold to make those cute little Legos on the cake, purchased from Amazon.

And here are the other candles, in case you were worried, so he still had five to blow out:

Rather than using Lego branded plates, etc, just pick up party decor in primary colors. 

Have a little Lego Creation Station (notice it looks like a Lego Brick) all set up and ready for them... experiment and play with while they're waiting for the other guests to arrive.

And finish off with a Lego Brick Pinata...

Not sure how?   You can make one easy peesy...check out my blog explaining how I made this one here:

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