Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The First Is Always Free

I was a first year teacher who had just been hired to teach in one of those tiny towns that have few children and schools that are composed of five grades in one room.  I had trained for elementary, so I was game for this challenge.  But I had some strong opinions about the reading program I wished to use.

Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons is an excellent reading program.  But it isn't really geared for a classroom.  It was intended for parents to teach their children in the comfort of their own home.

It's a very scripted program, though you can choose how fast you and your child move forward.  I had discovered this program (often utilized by homeschoolers) and had decided I would modify it for my classroom.  Only problem?  There weren't many printables available for follow-up and I had four other classes to prep for.  How would I do this?  Make my own in all my spare time, I finally decided.

I wasn't disappointed in my choice.  By the end of the year, half of my Kindergartners were reading effortlessly at a second grade level.  And I kept my printables, planning some day to use them with my own children.

Which indeed, I am now doing.  I know this program is still used by many home-schooling parents, at least.  And as we set out on our new venture of creating curriculum, it seems silly to just sit on these printables and not offer them for others' use.  So, we decided to do just that.

I will be uploading these printables as free materials to supplement the excellent phonics program for those who are using it.

UPDATE:  This is a popular link on Pinterest, and I decided to consolidate my freebie worksheets that go along with "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons".  They are now available for free download at this link.   

UPDATE #2:  In addition to the above Freebie, I now also offer a Free Packet for this reading program that includes more supplemental worksheets, easy crafts, flash cards and other helpful activities.  You will need to have completed Lesson 40 to make the most of this free packet, but check it out!

In addition, I also now offer packets of printables that coincide with the lessons of "How To Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons".

After going through the first five lessons, this packet will be helpful:  After Five Phonics

Once you complete lesson 10, you'll find this packet to be helpful:  After Ten Phonics

And after getting through lesson 15, you'll be moving into larger packet territory with this packet:

We're trying to keep costs super low, and quality high, so check out the links and see if these will be helpful for you and your kiddos.  Happy Reading!

We now offer a Bundle for the first 50 lessons, and this will be a cost-saving way to pick up these supplements, all the way through Lesson 50.

In addition, we are in process on the lessons 55 through 100.  Some packets are already up and available in our store  (After 55) and (After 60).  Keep posted or follow us here on our blog or at our store to stay up on the latest news. 


  1. I was thrilled when I came across your blog entry about "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons"! I agree that it is a fantastic tool and was wanting to use it for our Homeschool Co-op. However, I have only used it one-on-one with my own children and couldn't wrap my mind around how to use it in a group setting. Are you still thinking it won't be available until early next year?

    1. Hi Jill,

      Isn't it a fabulous Reading Program?! I love your idea of using it in a Homeschool Co-op, and we'd be thrilled to have our supplemental phonics printables utilized with it in such a way.

      Now, just in case you aren't aware, we have already completed the Phonics Packets that work with "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" up to Lesson 20. Those are up and available right now in our store (they're called "After Five Phonics", "After Ten Phonics", "After Fifteen Phonics" and "After Twenty Phonics"). I am super excited about digging in to complete these supplemental packets through Lesson 100, and I should be able to get going on those in January.

      Just now, through the end of the year, we're finishing up our year long endeavor to complete our Letter of the Week packets. I committed to completing these first and then I can get going on finishing up the great supplemental tools.

      Thanks for the question and let me know if I can answer anything else!

    2. Are you working on phonics sheets for lessons 50-100?

    3. Yes, thank you so much for asking! Phonics sheets for lessons 50 - 100 are in process. I have completed two packets so far.
      The After 55 packet is up right here: and the After 60 packet is up right here: