Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Fairy-fly Birthday

My daughter loves flowers and butterflies.  And every fairy is a butterfly in her three year old world.
Perhaps I intuitively suspected she might have leanings like this (or maybe it's because I love fairies myself), but when she was a mere five months old, I took a photo of her and transformed my little baby, with the help of Photoshop, into a little flower fairy.

Now, here we are at her third birthday, and there are so many delightful things to plan and do.  On the menu:

Butterfly Sandwiches (Made from homemade PINK bread colored with beet juice and cut out using a cookie cutter that worked surprisingly well on the bread and cheese--the ham was trickier!)

Cherry Butterfly Shish Kabobs (pictured here:)

Strawberry Fairy Mushrooms (Just a marshmallow for a stem and a strawberry for the top.  I used frosting for the little spots on the mushrooms to give it that classic fairy tale look)

Filled Butterfly Wing Clothespin Treats (Filled with blueberries on one side and salami and cheese bits on the other)

Flower Cupcakes (for those who might not like a fondant covered cake.)

Those delightful cupcake holders are available at Walmart and add SO much to the cupcakes.

The table was covered with empty cardboard boxes first to give us varying heights.  The fairy castle and toys were picked up at a consignment store for $6.00.  The green sheer canopy that hung over it all is usually in my daughter's room, hanging over her special chair.  But today it provided us the perfect fairytale drapery.

The large fabric butterfly was a thrift store find and the balloon flowers were a delightful addition to the background.

We had two games planned for our preschool bunch, and this first one was the biggest hit.  The children were told that butterflies and bees love to collect pollen, and were ushered outside where tiny gifts had been pre-wrapped in yellow vinyl (formerly a tablecloth from Dollar Tree, which is less expensive than tissue paper, and more hardy for a lawn game).

With their little paper buckets in hand, the children ran about the lawn (the younger ones were given a head-start as if they were on an Easter egg hunt) and gathered up their little treasures. 

The second game involved paddles the children had painted earlier with flowers.

Using these flower paddles, they batted away at a balloon bee (decorated with a Sharpie).  This was a hit also, except that our "bee" had a tendency to pop when it hit the grass, so I would recommend this one for an inside game.

There is something so delightful about a children's birthday party.  Their innocence and wonder make it so much fun.  You might ask, "Why put so much time and effort into something that is over and a complete disaster in a matter of hours?"

And this 1 minute video would be my answer:

Hope you find wonderful ideas here!  Things for visiting!

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