Friday, September 19, 2014

Playing to Learn

I accidentally stumbled across an idea that is working very well for my boy as he learns his color and number sight words.  So I thought I'd share.

Caedyn loves his matchstick cars.  And he loves to play games when someone else is actively involved with him in it.  And, like all children, he loves to show off his knowledge.   So with all these facets involved,  he is quickly learning his sight words with this fun "game" (learning activity).

Caedyn has a "car city" with car houses or garages that I picked up from a thrift store.  You could also make a parking lot out of a piece of black foamcore (Dollar Tree) and use puffy paint to draw parking lines.

We labeled his car houses with flags (also thrift store, but sticky notes would work, too).  For his color words, I had him get a car in each color we were going to work on that day.
But then, after (sometimes with a little help) he gets every car put away in it's rightful spot) he runs off to hide his eyes, while I set them up again, and move the flags around.

We have been playing this game and he Iis quickly becoming more familiar with the words. I have also been doing this with his color words by putting numbers on post-Iits and attaching those to his cars and then writing out the number words on the flags.