Monday, December 1, 2014

Love This Christmas Tree Craft for Preschool!

  Every once in awhile a craft will come together with ease of preparation that manages to really delight the small kiddos and supply a satisfying completed project.  This was that craft!
I began with a piece of wax paper cut in a triangle already for the kids.  I squeezed out some Elmers glue and dropped one or two drops of food coloring on the paper.  Then I gave them a Q-tip and told them to swirl it all together. 
This part was fun, and had the potential to be messy (hence the Sunday paper has been used for table protection).  After this was done (and before it dried--don't let it dry!), we flipped it over onto a piece of white construction paper, and carefully lifted the wax paper off.
It looked like the above.  Perfect base for a tree, and all the glue is already there, ready for "ornaments" to be dropped on.  We used buttons for this part, and the kids really enjoyed that, too.
Then, we added the star (I happened to have these foamy sticker stars handy) and sprinkled on the salt.  At first the salt made little bubbles like in the above photo.  This happened as the glue dried.  Don't be alarmed.  Just leave them as they are and they will go back to normal after it all dries.  
As the glue dries, it will have a nice glossy sheen to it.  The salt goes back to looking like salt or glittery sprinkles, if you're imaginative.

The finished project was then inserted into a Dollar Tree frame that had already been prepped with a nice coat of silver spray paint, and Voila!  A beautiful (well, at least VERY cute) Christmas gift, ready to be wrapped. 

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