Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcome to My House

Sometimes I have a "Great Day".

For me, this means my house is spotless and beautifully decorated, a delicious and nutritious dinner is in the works, my kids behaved all day in a manner worthy of Parents Magazine, and I am a Cool Mom because I put together a craft that was not only fun but taught shapes, colors, numbers and letters simultaneously so that my children were happy geniuses by the time they completed it.

  Sometimes my day is not so good.

For me, this means my kids began misbehaving from the moment they rolled out of bed, my house is a mess, I'm behind on laundry AND dishes, and I am the Lamest Mom Ever because I couldn't take it any more and set my children in front of a really long movie which will likely deprive them of brain cells and give them a skewed view of life, while I say, "To hell with planning dinner:  tonight we're eating out."

Okay.  Both of these scenarios are a little exaggerated.  Point being, my life is made up of a little of each.  And I'm okay with admitting that.  I am.  I am okay with being real.  There's actually freedom there:  I have no illusion of perfection to keep up.

 More often than not, this same attitude spills over into social media.  There, as in life, it can get a little messy.  I'm passionate about ideas and I'm not afraid to share them.  This makes some folks uncomfortable.  I was once given a diary by someone who thought I was too...frank.  Which is kinda amusing, really since this well-meaning individual thought I just needed a private place to "get it all out" so I wouldn't have to go and "expose" myself so regularly.  Oh yeah.  That'll fix it.

But I feel bad for those folks.  They're often the same ones who get a guilt complex after reading Proverbs 31.  As if it's a manifesto on womanly perfection which they believe is unattainable, so they see all the things the gal does in that chapter as a list of their own failures.  In contrast, I read that chapter like a kind of Freedom Offer.  As if God was saying, "Here's a bunch of cool things you can do- what's your pleasure?

I have no desire to live in Pretend.  My house has glass windows and I'm not afraid of that transparency.  I am:  a work in progress.  A mishmash of cool and nerdy, goofball and princess, passionate and temperate.  Sometimes I rein in my thoughts, sometimes (usually in matters of injustice), I let them fly.  I don't offer perfection.  Just a free me.

Welcome to my house.  And by my house, I mean this blog.  I can't promise it won't get messy.  But it will be honest.  After all, it's kinda like my online diary.

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