Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hutch Hankerin'

I hinted around in an earlier post about my hutch that I'd be sharing about and today's the day.  First, why a hutch?  I am not the type to display fine dishes and I'm too practical to keep a piece of furniture around just for looks.  Well, I started realizing I needed more space in my kitchen for the preschool work and crafts that my kids and I do.  And, I wanted a better place to display the finished products than taped to the frig.
I had seen some fascinating examples of painted hutches on Pinterest and decided that was the perfect solution.  Another benefit of a painted hutch is that we don't get to paint the walls in our rented townhome, so a brightly painted hutch would provide that splash of bright color I wanted.  And here's where it gets neat.

After much time spent looking at hutches (of many ages and styles), I had a specific kind in mind.  Something not too big to overpower our kitchen,  with cupboards below for storage of workbooks and craft materials and space above for display of framed schoolwork and crafts.  But I couldn't find one in my budget and besides,  the first priority was to buy a washer and dryer, which the new place needed.  I asked God to get me the hutch I needed and went looking for a decent used washer and dryer.

It didn't take long to find a pair:  this gal was trying to empty out her storage unit.  All that she had left were a gently used washer and dryer...and this little hutch which she'd throw in for free if I took it off her hands.  Would I!!!

So, after a few coats of tangerine on the outside and a nice light yellow on the inside...after removing the (I admit, it was adorable) front door to make the kids' work more reachable, I have the perfect little kitchen storage solution for home-schooling moms.  And then, to make it even cooler, Daniel added a light kit on the inside.   Woo hoo!! Ready to roll for preschool in the fall!
Oh, and the monogram M is just for fun.  I've been wanting to make one but didn't have the excuse until now.  That's just a cardboard cutout, painted silver and with my Dollar Tree glass balls and a thrift store shell necklace glued on.  Super cheap, super cute.  I might end up doing a couple more (a B and another M) for the girls' bedroom one of these days.  Stay tuned!

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