Friday, January 11, 2013

A Picture Wall with Painted Birches

When we were living in our apartment before we bought this house, I really wanted to buy one of those really cool wall decals.  We found one that looked like birches and I loved it!  But it cost $70.00, and after studying the picture, I thought, "I think I can do that with paint".  Well, I tried it, and wah-la!

I was almost sorry to leave them behind when we left the apartment, but at least the manager didn't require me to paint over them.  He liked them too!  :)

We've thought about doing this again in our new house, but at least we will start be doing something like this in Daniel's new office. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mount Up

So...we have moved in to our new house!  And we're loving it.  And midst all the moving in, settling in and stuff...we're finally able to put to use some of those decorating plans/ideas/dreams that we have waited so long to do.  I'll be posting a few here.  Because it's neat to share.

The first is Daniel's sword display.  This one is a work in progress because I got him the sword and I got him the quote...but we've never actually hung either.  I also got him a scarf in his tartan to hang over it, but then we learned that our clan (Morrison) is a made up sort of tartan--the actual tartan should be scarlet not green...anyway, we will be hanging a plaid something or other over it and I will also be adding some other clannish items, because I love my husband's Scottish heritage.