Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taking Steps and Making Trains

Riding a Train in Colorado (the boy loves trains!)
    After completing "The Jeremiah Burden", I have received a variety of responses.  Some have expressed compassion and sadness.  Some have admitted they were unable to complete the story, as it aroused feelings of anger against the church that they were uncomfortable with.
     For my husband and I, since it is our story, it is still affecting us practically (living with inlaws, hoping for a new job, trying to sell our Illinois home)  though we are still hoping for a happy ending.  But sometimes, in real life, our ideas of "happy endings" don't materialize.  At least, not right away.   But there's always hope when God's steering your ship, right?

Mystery on our trip to California (the Utah Salt Flats)
  So, to update those who have been wondering, we are no longer living in Illinois.  For a little while, we were with friends in Colorado, since we'd really like to get back there (love it there!).  Now, we are staying with family in California, applying to lots of jobs and trusting that God has a plan in the midst of the wait.  Since we've reached a tenuous stability at the moment, we are finishing up the final stages of our Kickstarter project...getting the proofs for the book in hand to check it over and make sure all is well before fulfilling orders.  That's been a neat light for us in the midst of seemingly dark challenges.

   Routine is a good thing for kiddos, everyone knows that, but actually, it's good for me, too.  So I've been trying to get back in the groove of prepping crafts for Caedyn.  Now, at 20 months, Mystery is interested, too.  So, I'm trying to get her up and going also.

  Here's our latest:  The Train Craft

    Caedyn, being a train crazy three year old now, had told me he'd like to do a "train craft".  Aaagh!  A train craft, huh?  Nothing like exhausting the practical and mental resources on our first step back in to the world of creativity.  Hmmmm...then I remembered how my mom used to let me do collages with dry beans, lentils, pasta and rice when I was little.  So this morning, we raided Grandma's pantry and found some items for our craft. 

  Here's what it took:

One (1) piece of construction paper, cut in half and glued together in the middle.
Eight (8) Ritz crackers
Handful of red lentils
Handful of split peas
Handful of orzo pasta
Handful of pasta shells
Elmers Glue

  We found it was easiest to work from left to right.  I handled the glue.  We put two Ritz crackers down for the engine as starters, and then I "drew" with the glue, the rest of the engine.  Caedyn had a lot of fun filling in the glue with the lentils and pasta.  I think the color variations of split peas and red lentils make it look fun.  Afterwards, I thought, 'Hey, I bet some spaghetti noodles to frame out the cars would have worked well, too.'  And at the end of the craft, Caedyn told me, "This would be a good candy train, Mommy."

  We tell stories sometimes at night about "the Candy Train" because being a three year old, those two ideas mix very well for him.  But I gotta admit, the idea of doing this out of pieces of candy does sound like a big ball of fun.  If you don't mind an excess of sugar overload in your child, since I imagine many pieces would end up eaten rather than glued to the paper.

Hmmm....maybe the dry goods and pasta is a better plan, after all.

  And as for the rest of the practical things in our lives that are either still up in the air or we are waiting on...well, I can't "add one hair to my head by worrying".  But since these anxieties are real, and I can't pretend they don't is my plan today:  I'm going to write them down and give them back to God.

  We'll call it my worry list.  You know things like, "potential house foreclosure" or "no prenatal care for our next baby which is due sometime in March".  They're too big for me.  Heck, even the little things like "I need maternity clothes" or "cell phone bill coming due" are too big for me. 

  I like that section in the Bible where Jesus talks about the lilies of the field and how Solomon in all his glory wasn't dressed as nice as them.  He tells us to give our concerns over to Him.
    Sometimes I do that and then later forget how much He did, coming through for me.  Well, I have a big list at the moment and yet, I know that somehow all of these things will be taken care of.  So, I figure I will write them down and then see how God takes care of them all.
  Recently, we took a drive up to Northern California to visit my dad who lives in Trinity County, one of California's better kept secrets.  While there, we visited this mountain creek.  I like this photo of Caedyn pointing to the rock bridge that he and his daddy made.  It sorta sums up where we are at right now.

 "Hey, Dad, we're like missing a big step right here.  There's no firm footing for me to put my feet on to get from here to there."  

  But I bet you can guess how it turned out.  Yeah, he made it across.   His Dad carried him.

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