Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome Kickstarter Friends!

Daniel and I are getting ready to launch our second Kickstarter campaign.  We going to be using the funds to help pay for the artwork creation of the back cover of Tarnished

I'm pretty jazzed about this, and figure that some new Kickstarter friends may find their way to this blog.  So, I thought it would be good to explain a bit.  This isn't a "normal" author blog.  This is a "Welcome to my World" blog.  Which is good, I think, because that way you can get to know the person who is writing the book, and if such things matter to you, can decide better if who we are fits well with who you are.

I post my art work here and I post links to other people's artwork here.  Daniel and I believe strongly in collaboration.

I also post craft tutorials.  I have fun doing them and I like to share what I am doing just in case someone else could be blessed by it. 

I also share inspirational stuff.  Things that I think God is sharing with me.  And just like the crafts, if I enjoy what He has to share, I figure maybe someone else will like it too.  I guess I'm one of those "mystic Christians".  That's a term I've started hearing lately for followers of Christ who really believe that God is involved in their every day lives.  I think He is very much involved and I hunger for His involvement. 

So that's the basics.  A big welcome to anyone who drops by.  We like friends.  Oh, and this is one of my images at right.

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