Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Refurbished Dresser, Disney Cars style

This one has been in process for a little while, but we finally got it done last night--yay!

 Here's what we started with.  I'd asked God to get us a cheap but decent dresser and we found this at a Garage sale for $5.00.  (I always say God is sorta like Pedro's cousins from Napoleon Dynamite--"He has all the sweet hook-ups".  Hahaha...)
 So, first off, I peeled off the stickers left over from the previous owners.  That was easier written then done.  Those suckers were determined to stay on!  Ha, but I outsmarted them with a warm washcloth and elbow grease.

Next, Caedyn helped me paint the part of the dresser that wouldn't be covered with the fancy thick vinyl that Daniel was applying on the drawer surfaces. 
 Here's an up-close picture of the vinyl covered drawer.  This is a thick heavy duty and rather spendy vinyl that Daniel had used in a film project.  We had a bunch left over and it was his idea to dress up the dresser with it.  He secured it by measuring carefully and using a hair dryer to assist with the sticking.  (All the info about how to actually secure the vinyl came with the vinyl when we purchased it.)

I imagine contact paper might work too and you can purchase that at the Dollar Tree.
 This photo is just to give you an idea of how Daniel measured the drawer covers and then folded it over the corners in such a way so that it won't bunch up and the drawer surfaces will be smooth all the way around. 
Okay, first round of work was completed.  It stayed this way for a little while.

But we had plans for the drawer knobs...and I was trying to think of what I could do under the dresser, too.

Also, that nice corkboard frame above is now painted with a matching black, as you can see.

But what to do for the drawer pulls?  I hadn't found any actual Cars knobs, and I figured if I did, they would be WAY too expensive, to my way of thinking.  But improvisation (and God!) helped me find a way.

So, Kmart had these Disney Cars shower curtain hooks on sale.  There was a whole packet with a bunch of different Cars characters on them.  I bought these, sure that Daniel could figure something out.

Daniel chopped off the top of the hooks, and affixed them to the screws where the old knobs had been.  He used lead sleeves (usually used to connect parts of chain link fences, I think) that could be squished around the screw and the hook using a pair of pliers.


Then, at Dollar Tree, I discovered these great little black tubs that fit perfectly under the dresser and can now be used for cubbies for my son to tuck away his shoes and Cars slippers.

Woo Hoo!  This is the coolest 5 buck Cars dresser I have ever seen!  (Okay, okay, the shower curtain hooks were more than that, but they were at least on sale 40% off.)

Now I just have to make sure he keeps it clean...hardy har har.  :)

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